Blue Reef Resort and Tours  -                       Relax in this paradise experience of Tanna
Looking for a memorable getaway?

Come to Blue Reef Resort and Tours on Tanna Island in Vanuatu!

Here, you'll get a taste of island living and experience many of North Tanna Island's tourist attractions. Our island resort offers the amenities of a standard hotel, but in a cozy, local setting. Each of our bungalows are individually decorated with a unique island experience in mind.
Having been officially opened on 29 September 2013, this hidden untouched paradise holds many rare and exotic treasures that are just waiting to be discovered.  

Blue Reef Resort and Tours in North West Tanna Island boasts sheer limestone cliff faces coveting numerous caves, which tell a story of their own. North Tanna's best kept secret, the Blue Water Cave will distract you from the pressures of your everyday work and take you to a place you will never forget!


Our bungalows have been planned and developed with safety and attractive scenery in mind.  Blue Reef Resort and Tours is built on the limestone foundations of north Tanna Island.  Just walking around the boundary of Blue Reef Resort and Tours, you will experience history right before your eyes.  From hearing the local legends about the caves and land markings, to seeing the underwater world of yesteryear engraved in the limestone that you pass to go to your bungalow.  This experience is just one wonder exclusive to Blue Reef Resort and Tours.  

Blue Reef Resort and Tours is located in a cove situated between two points that protect the resort from the natural elements. The resort is built 10 metres above the ocean and the natural waterways naturally impinge on the surroundings of the resorts boundary.  Here you can walk around or relax in our gazebo and see Vanuatu's marine life in our natural ocean ponds.  During the whale season you can see the whales coming to play, lay and rest overnight just in the ocean depths some 20 metres in front of our resort.

Blue Reef Resort and Tours is well known for our seafood menu including lobsters, and crabs (deep sea and Coconut crabs).  This is highly publicised through our fishing and spear fishing activities.

Facilities include:
  • Return airport transfers
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Snorkelling equipment (free diving only)
  • Daily room service
  • Car and motorbike parking
  • Blue Reef Shopping Centre
  • 24 hour security and reception desk queries
  • English, French and Bislama spoken at the resort

Please note that Blue Reef Resort & Tours are currently in the process of renovating.  Booking will recommence in April 2018 and onwards.

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