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Blue Water Cave Tour Package
Half Day Tour


The Blue Water Cave is only minutes from Blue Reef Resort and Tours.  Being one of only a few caves of its kind in the world, it is easily assessable from our resort and can be experienced at an affordable price. Whether you are staying at the resort or not, you can access the Blue Water Cave Tour.  Contact us and let us know what your intentions are and we will organise your tour for you.  We can collect you from wherever you're staying and take you back when you're done.

NEW!! Also included in this package is a tour to Pam Cave and Twin Brothers Cave Tour. Following Cyclone Pam, you will see where the locals stayed to escape the Category 5 devastation.  The Twin Brothers Cave is a local legend that hasn't been shared before.  Experience these two Cave attractions exclusive to Blue Reef Resort & Tours.

* Tourists coming from White Sands (near Volcano) will cost 12,500 Vatu per person return
* Tourists coming from Airport and Lenakel (surrounding areas) will cost 8,000 Vatu per person return

* Prices are subject to change
* To arrange these tours, please use our Contact Us page and let us know your intentions.  It is also advisable to let your resort Manager know so we can come and collect you from your resort.


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