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Available Tours
Blue Reef Mountain Tour
The mountain tour includes a climb up the second highest mountain on Tanna Island.  Make sure you come prepared to do some serious hiking but also to take in the Scenic Mountain, villages and oceanic views.  Led by an experienced local tour guide, you can observe Tanna's rainforests, local farms and landscapes.

Volcano Tour
Get up close and personal with Tanna's only active volcano!  This is an experience of a lifetime where you will encounter the soft roar of Mount Yasur who grumbles spats of hot lava at irregular intervals.  Hear the local custom story about Mount Yasur led by a local tour guide whose ancestry is linked to this awesome wonder.

Blue Reef Snorkelling & 
Spear Fishing Tour
For those of you who are keen snorkellors or want to see the underwater world of Tanna Island, this is the tour for you.  Lobster can be sought after by reef diving at night with a local diver transporting you by local outrigger canoes.

Blue Reef Village Tour
Experience local life with local people.  Learn the art of weaving, experience how the locals cook traditionally over an open fire, feed the local animals in their natural habitat, be serenaded by the local symphony of sounds or try your hand at opening a coconut the local way and taste the sweet coconut milk.  These experiences and more happen on our Village Tour.

Blue Reef Local bands &
kava tasting
Following a short walk through the jungle, you can meet local people and enjoy a dance along to the music of a local band.  You can also taste the traditional kava drink.

Blue Reef Water Sports
For those who love adventure, the Water Sports tour brings you loads of water fun. Whether it be water skiing, kayaking or trying your hand at the local outrigger canoes, this is the tour for you.

Important Information

  • Tours beginning with 'Blue Reef' are exclusive to Blue Reef Resort and Tours
  • If there are other tours around Tanna Island that you are interested in and  not presented on this page, then we can organise it for you.
  • All tours are to be paid with cash only (preferably Australian dollars or Vatu) at Blue Reef Resort and Tours reception desk.
  • For prices on tours visit our Contact Us page for a quote.

Blue Reef Fishing Tour
Encounter Tanna fishing with local fishermen on Blue Reef Resort and Tours Fishing Tour.  On this guided tour, you will be trawling for wahoo, marlin, tuna and more!.Vanuatu


Blue Water Cave Tour
Come and see one of the world's rare attractions, the Blue Water Cave.  The sheer cliff faces surround the Laus community and discreetly hides the irredescent Blue Water Cave where you can snorkel or swim at your own leisure.  This Blue Water Cave is only 5 minutes walk from your bungalow.

Blue Reef Custom Tour
Meet with the local chiefs and have all your questions answered when you go on the custom tour.  You will see some of Tanna's local custom dances, learn about Tanna's custom spiritual beliefs, watch or be a part of custom food preparation and custom living in general.  You will be entertained by the local string bands to set the custom scene and experience the real Tanna Island 'ways'.

Blue Reef Cave Tour
Come and see the caves that surround the Blue Reef Resort.  Hear about how these caves came about and the local legends associated with them.
  • Tomb Cave
  • Moon Cave
  • Two Brothers Cave
  • Cemetary Cave
  • Bridge Cave
  • Devil Cave
  • Nango Cave
  • Bat Cave

Blue Reef Coconut Crab 
Night Hunt
Escorted by our local experienced staff, you will leave your bungalow at around 8:00pm.  This tour will lead you to the crab tracks close to the resort in search for the elusive Coconut Crab.  No need for a torch, you will walk in the light of your very own local fire torch.  Once you've struck success,you can try out your catch of the day over an open camp fire


Blue Reef Boat Adventures
Cruising along the coastline, zigzagging through the reefs and seeing the sheer cliff faces where locals reside, you will be taken for a memorable experience on the Blue Reef speedboat.  On the way back, you will be able to have a swim with the tropical underwater wildlife; swimming with the likes of turtles, dory fish and clown fish....

Blue Reef Fruit Picking
Depending on the season of your stay, you can experience the local island fruits in and around Blue Reef Resort.  Your tour guide will take you to a plantation for you to collect the fruits of your choice.

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