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Useful Information
Vanuatu is made up of more than 80 islands in the shape of a "Y".  The original inhabitants of Vanuatu are Melanesian however there are a number of different cultures residing there today.  
Vanuatu had been known as the 'New Hebrides', however became an independant country on 30 July 1980 and is now a Republic.  Languages spoken at our resort are English, Bislama and French.
Vanuatu is located in the Pacific Rim of Fire on the subduction zone of two tectonic plates, and is prone to earthquakes.  Vanuatu's physical location is half way between Australia and Fiji.   
How do I get to the Blue Reef Resort on Tanna Island?  If flying from Australia, you can fly from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Port Vila.  From Port Vila, you will need to catch a 45 minute domestic flight to Tanna Islands' Airport.  These flights can be booked at any travel agent or online.  Once you arrive at Tanna's Airport (& you have already booked with us), you will be greeted by one of our staff who will be ready to transport you to the resort.  If going by truck, it will take you about 1 hour, however if you travel by speed boat, it will take you around 45 minutes.
Tanna Island
Tanna Island is the centre of Tafea Province.  TAFEA represents the five islands within the Province being - Tanna Island, Aniwa Island, Futuna Island, Erromango Island and Aneityum Island.
Useful Phone Numbers
*Note that emergency phone numbers are located in Port Vila
Ambulance                          25566 or 22112
Police                                22222
Country code                     678
International access code    0011
ANZ and Westpac are the main major banking companies located in Port Vila only.  If you need money changed to Vatu, you will need to visit them in Port Vila's city centre.  Otherwise, you can opt to change your money at other private business' around Port Vila town or at the International airport.  Money can also be changed in Lenakel on Tanna Island or if you forget, our resort will be happy to assist you with money exchange. 
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